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15 Foot Crypto Mining Pod

Our 15ft ModPOD Crypto Mining Pod is ideal for companies seeking to launch a modest mining operation. The high-capacity mining rigs are designed and engineered to boost mining efficiency and productivity while extending the lifespan of your mining equipment. All Bit-RAM cryptocurrency mining containers can help you launch quickly and keep your operations profitable.  All of Bit-RAM's cryptocurrency mining rigs feature a beautiful minimalistic design optimized for efficiency, handling convenience, and productivity. The sleek design complements their portability, so you can discretely relocate them anywhere in North America. Fully assembled, our crypto mining pods boast a signature look characterized by a pair of weather hoods to complement their superior cooling efficiency.

ModPOD Crypto Mining Pod Standard Specifications:

  • Power: 450 kW
  • Accommodates up to 132 S19 miners
  • Custom electrical fit-out with a 3-Phase power supply
  • 8 Custom Power Distribution Units (PDUs)
  • Two 600 amperes interior splitter troughs
  • Network Cabling with required switches. 
  • Cladding on interior walls
  • Heavy roof and wall insulation 
  • A pair of 25,000 CFM exhaust air system Pod fitted with VFDs and temperature sensors
  • An intake filter Rack fitted with MERV 8 Filters
  • A pair of dedicated weather hoods (intake and exhaust)
  • LED required task lighting
  • Exterior walls with thick cladding 
15ft modpod  crypto mining container  exhaust15ft modpod crypto mining filter
20ft cryptocurrency mining container pod 15ft modpod crypto mining container Bit-RAM cryptocurrency mining containers Crypto pod inside cryptocurrency pod inside inside bit-RAM crypto pod
15ft crypto mining container cooling technology

Innovative Cooling Technology 

The world-class cooling system on each Bit-RAM cryptocurrency mining container is a product of more than four decades of research and development. Our rigs are fitted with a custom cooling system comprising fans, innovative intake and exhaust hoods, temperature sensors, and more to deliver superior temperature control and regulation.  

The roof, interior, and exterior walls are heavily insulated and covered with cladding to create ultra-efficient thermal barriers. Our crypto mining containers maintain an optimal internal temperature so you can mine profitably across all four seasons. 

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Maximum Return on Investment

Bit-RAM's custom-built crypto mining pods are designed to drive maximum profits. Our portable mining containers allow you to plan your operations and maximize your profits while lowering your overheads. They're easy to transport on a flatbed for quick deployment. You can easily relocate them to areas with affordable decentralized energy sources.

Our crypto rigs are engineered for superior performance while giving you multiple placement options. You can install them on any flat surface, including leaving them on a trailer, without compromising functionality. These containers adhere to all ground shipping requirements. You can ship them to any North American region with cheap and affordable energy. 

modpod crypto currency mining container

What makes BIT-RAM Crypto Mining Containers stand out from the rest?


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The spacious 15-foot ModPOD is ideal for companies looking to launch a sizeable cryptocurrency mining operation. It can house more than 130 S19 miners without the risk of overheating to help you maximize your return on investment. With Bit-RAM's 15-ft ModPOD, you get a turnkey crypto mining rig ready for immediate deployment. There are no complex power setups and configurations to figure out. Simply plug your rig into a power source, connect to a network, and start mining your favorite currency. Our simple plug-and-play setup lets you relocate your rig as often as you wish in the hunt for cheaper energy and boost your profit margin.

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