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BIT-RAM builds custom modular Cryptocurrency Mining Containers and Electrical Data Centres.

About Us

Founded in 2016, Bit-RAM is the Cryptocurrency arm of Amalgamated Heating LTD, an HVAC company specializing in building modular electrical buildings.  Amalgamated Heating LTD merged into Bitcoin after identifying the need for customized and cost-effective cryptocurrency mining pods. The company produces turnkey cryptocurrency mining containers optimized for productivity and profitability. 

Traditionally, cryptocurrency miners need a colossal setup to keep their equipment from overheating. Backed by 40 years of knowledge and experience in the HVAC industry and modular construction, and extensive research, Bit-RAM was born to solve the overheating problem in crypto mines.

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Customer First
Richard McNeil Bit-RAM founder

Richard McNeill

Founder & CEO

Richard “Rick” McNeill has over 40 years experience in the HVAC, steel manufacturing, and modular construction industries. In 2000, he founded Amalgamated Heating LTD, successfully going into business for himself. After a downturn in the oil and gas industry, he turned his expertise to world of cryptocurrency, specifically streamlining the cryptocurrency mining process, and founded Bit-RAM in 2016. The majority of his time is now spent building Bit-RAM as a company, finding innovative ways to reduce its carbon footprint. Rick is known to be an adventurer, philanthropist, and troublemaker.


The high-powered team behind Bit-RAM is committed to your cryptocurrency mining success. It comprises experts from different professional backgrounds with more than four decades of combined experience in HVAC and modular construction.

Martina Gasparlin
Dan Coburn
Plant Manager
climate controlled crypto mining container

Turnkey Cryptocurrency Mining Equipment

The experts at Bit-RAM set out to develop a custom solution to reduce the size of a crypto-mining operation while ramping productivity. They applied their superior fabrication and cooling skills to create compact, self-contained, highly innovative cryptocurrency mining pods.

Today, Bit-RAM delivers custom-built, turnkey cryptocurrency mining containers across Canada and North America.   

Bit-RAM’s innovative mining pods are revolutionizing cryptocurrency mining operations and helping more Canadians venture into this lucrative sector. 

Low electricity costs make cryptocurrency mining a profitable venture in Canada. Coupling the lower electricity costs with a plug-and-play, highly efficient mining pod makes mining operations super profitable.

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Safe, Reliable, and Lucrative Cryptocurrency Mining Operations 

Bit-RAM’s turnkey cryptocurrency mining containers make cryptocurrency mining more accessible to the average crypto enthusiast. The plug-and-play pod design lowers the barrier to entry while maximizing profits. No technical knowledge is required to set up and run a mining operation. With a Bit-RAM mining pod, your mining operation is ready to go once your plug the unit into a power source. 

Bit-RAM’s sophisticated cryptocurrency mining equipment helps miners lower their overheads and maximize profits. Each Bit-RAM crypto pod features an engineered ventilation system to combat overheating and is fabricated for ASIC mining applications. 

Bit-RAM seeks to help cryptocurrency operations increase productivity and profitability without endangering lives or property. The company aims to help improve mining safety and ensure all crypto mines are 100% incident-free workplaces. Our cryptocurrency mining containers eliminate the need to set up an elaborate rig with a high overheating risk. Instead, the entire operation fits into a custom, super-cooled unit to maximize mining efficiency while prioritizing safety and security.

crypto mining hosting pod

What makes BIT-RAM Crypto Mining Containers stand out from the rest?

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remote access capabilities REMOTE ACCESS CAPABILITES
engineered ventilation system ENGINEERED VENTILATION SYSTEM

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