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BIT-Ram MicroPOD

10 Foot CryptoCurrency Mining Container

Our 10ft MicroPOD Cryptocurrency Mining Container is a 10-foot custom-built, portable cryptocurrency mining container. The MicroPod comprises a modular construction retrofitted to house up to 66 S19 crypto miners. It's the perfect entry point for companies or enthusiasts wishing to overcome the typical limitations of starting a mining farm. Each MicroPOD houses a fully operational cryptocurrency mining farm ready for deployment. A fully kitted container mine drastically reduces the cost of building and scaling a crypto mining operation. Bit-RAM's fast turnaround ensures you can build a highly productive and lucrative crypto mine in weeks. The MicroPOD reduces launching a crypto mine to connecting to a power source and network. 

MicroPOD CryptoCurrency Mining Container Standard Specs:

  • Power: 327 kW
  • Holds up to 84 S19 miners
  • 4 custom Power Distribution Units 
  • A 3-Phase AC power supply (240 or 415 V) with ETL-certified components
  • A 600 amperes interior splitter trough 
  • Network cabling with required switches
  • Cladding on interior walls
  • Heavily insulated roof and walls
  • A fully loaded exhaust air system pod fitted with VFD and a temperature sensor
  • Intake filter rack fitted with super-efficient MERV 8 filters 
  • Two dedicated weather hoods 
  • LED required task lighting
  • Insulated exterior walls with cladding 
10ft crypto mining container air system10ft crypto mining climate control pod
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crypto mining container cooling technology

Superior Cooling Technology 

Bit-RAM taps into four decades of HVAC and modular construction to equip the MicroPOD crypto rig with the best-in-class cooling system. This cryptocurrency mining container uses a custom, innovative design to ensure efficient airflow throughout the rig. The sophisticated cooling system comprises fans, intake and exhaust hoods, and temperature sensors for seamless and efficient temperature control and regulation. 

The external walls are insulated and covered with cladding to create an epic air and thermal barrier. A self-regulating internal environment eliminates weather and seasonality as productivity risks. 

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Turnkey Cryptocurrency Mining Solution

The MicroPOD is designed for quick deployment while reducing your overheads and maximizing productivity and profits. You can power your portable cryptocurrency mining container with cheap energy from different locations and protect your profit margins. 

Besides the local power grid, you may use the more affordable and greener decentralized energy source. For instance, you may relocate your mining pod to a location that provides stranded gas and reap the dual benefits of lower production costs and higher profit margins. 

Like all Bit-RAM's cryptocurrency mining containers, the MicroPOD is a custom-built turnkey crypto mining operation. There are no complex, baffling setup procedures or configurations. Hook your pod to your preferred power source, connect to your best network, and you're ready to go. You can readily relocate your mine to any location and launch your mining operations seamlessly each time. 

10ft cryptocurency mining container

What makes BIT-RAM Crypto Mining Containers stand out from the rest?

Bit-RAM qucik turnaround times QUICK TURNAROUND TIMES
Bit-RAM remote access capabilites REMOTE ACCESS CAPABILITES
crypto mining containers engineered ventilation system ENGINEERED VENTILATION SYSTEM
bit-RAM crypto mining network infrastructure NETWORK INFRASTRUCTURE–CAT 6 CABLE/ NETWORK COMPONENTS

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Bit-RAM's MicroPod is an excellent entry point into lucrative cryptocurrency mining. The MicroPOD cryptocurrency mining container is perfect for smaller sites with limited resources. The rig accommodates up to 66 S19 miners, but you can commence operations with as many miners as your budget permits. You can start with fewer miners and add more as your operation grows. Bit-RAM also offers miner hosting services to clients who wish to keep everything under one roof. The turnkey crypto mining rig is optimized to help you launch quickly and keep your operation lean while throttling productivity and maximizing profits. It's portable to let you take full advantage of cheap energy sources worldwide.

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