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BIT-Ram Miner Hosting

Cryptocurrency Miner Hosting Services

Today, cryptocurrency mining has become a stable and profitable alternative investment vehicle, offering plenty of opportunities to traditional investors, professional miners, and even hobbyists. We provide cryptocurrency miners with fully managed turnkey hosting/colocation, and mining-management services to help scale and maintain your mining operations. Our enterprise-class facilities in Canada are a highly efficient mining facility boasting clean, affordable power, robust security, and cooling infrastructure. If you are looking for a reliable, scalable, and secure location to host your ASIC mining equipment and maximize your cryptocurrency earnings, we are here to help.

Bit-RAM Cryptocurrency Miner Hosting Services

  • Robust Infrastructure – Our facilities in Canada are purpose-designed with appropriate energy supply and reliable networking infrastructure. We maintain your miners and maximize hash rate with the help of advance cooling systems, temperature and humidity monitors, and dust extraction systems.
  • Reliability – Cryptocurrency mining doesn’t stop. Our services ensure maximum uptime with your equipment operating reliably with consistent hashing power. You benefit from reliable energy sources and high-speed internet connections.
  • Secure Facilities – We take the security of your hardware seriously. To ensure your equipment is always safe, we have implemented surveillance systems, access control systems, 24/7 on-site security personnel, and remote monitoring.
  • Expert Team – We have an extensively experienced team comprising experts in cryptocurrency mining infrastructure and operations. The on-site technical team monitors and supervises our operations round-the-clock to ensure your equipment is operating efficiently to reduce downtime and maximize your ROI. Our team is always at hand to support your mining operations through email or phone.

Crypto Miner Hosting/Colocation Service Pricing

We offer cryptocurrency mining as a service with fully managed hosting/colocation. Our cryptocurrency miner hosting services include full configuration, start-up, expert device management, remote monitoring, and maintenance of your mining equipment. We have heavily invested in a state-of-the-art 3 and 4 megawatt hosting facility well suited for high-capacity and scalable cryptocurrency mining.

We charge our cryptocurrency miner hosting/colocation services based on power consumption. Our hosting prices include electricity and maintenance. We offer one of the most affordable cryptocurrency mining hosting services starting at 7 cents USD per kilowatt hour (kWh).

You have the options for monthly, quarterly, and annual contracts depending on your budget and the scale of your mining operations. We also have long-term contracts. Our crypto-mining hosting/colocation services have a wide range of payment options, including cryptocurrency and fiat currency.

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How It Works

To get started and enjoy the benefits of our cryptocurrency miner hosting/colocation services, you rent space for your ASIC miner with a Bit-RAM container. The Bit-RAM crypto mining container is fully customizable. It also has a wide range of features, including remote access capabilities, an engineered ventilation system, network infrastructure, and easy plug-and-play setup.

After you ship your mining equipment to our facility, our technicians will set up and link your equipment to our dedicated hosting facility. We support all miner types, power, and configurations with a hosting capacity for long-term scalability. We also have a management platform where you can configure and manage individual cryptocurrency miners, choose your preferred mining pool, and monitor performance.

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What makes BIT-RAM Crypto Miner Hosting stand out from the rest?

If you seek to expand your horizons by engaging in scalable and secure cryptocurrency production, we can be a reliable partner to help you achieve your goal. We have invested in a secure data center and optimized our Bitcoin miner hosting/colocation services for maximum efficiency and returns with minimal downtime.

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Contact Us to learn more about our Cryptocurrency Miner Hosting services.

Our dedicated facility is fitted with a reliable energy supply, redundant high-speed internet connection, robust security measures, and a high-performance cooling system designed to guarantee top-quality and cost-effective hosting services to all our clients. Our goal is to make crypto mining more affordable and accessible to both professional and hobbyists cryptocurrency miners. Are you looking to host and take your Bitcoin mining operations to the next level? Get in touch with us to access dedicated hosting solutions and learn more about our services.

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