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BIT-Ram MezzoPOD

20 Foot Crypto Mining Containers

Our 20ft MezzoPOD Crypto Mining Container is a mid-sized portable cryptocurrency mining container to power intermediate-sized cryptocurrency mines. The meticulously engineered crypto mining rig holds almost 200 S19 miners. It’s designed to help you overcome the challenges of spiraling energy costs. MezzoPod is perfect if you wish to maximize profits and lower overhead costs.  The 20-foot MezzoPod crypto mining rig comprises a retrofitted 20-foot container highly engineered to accommodate cryptocurrency miners. It boasts Bit-RAM’s signature minimalist design that strikes the delicate balance between beauty and functionality. It features four protruding weather hoods at the front and three exhaust pods at the rear. 

MezzoPOD Crypto Mining Pod Standard Specifications:

  • Power: 937 kW
  • Hold up to 240 S19 miners
  • Custom electrical fit-out with a 3-phase 240 or 415 V AC power supply
  • 12 Power Distribution Units (PDUs)
  • 3 600 amperes interior splitter troughs
  • Network Cabling with required switches
  • Cladding on interior walls
  • Heavily insulated roof and walls
  • An exhaust air system with three 25,000 cfm pods fitted with VDF and temperature sensors 
  • An intake filter Rack kitted with super-efficient MERV 8 Filters
  • Four detachable weather hoods
  • LED lighting for required tasks
  • Exterior walls with heavy cladding
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Impeccable Cooling Capabilities 

The superior cooling system on the MezzoPod cryptocurrency mining container pays homage to Bit-RAM’s four decades of providing exceptional cooling solutions. The innovative cooling technology draws inspiration from the best HVAC and modular construction cooling solutions. 

The superefficient cooling system comprises fans, weather hoods, exhaust air pods, and temperature sensors. Heavily insulated walls fitted with cladding encapsulate the container to create a highly effective thermal barrier. Bit-RAM’s superior cooling technology helps combat overheating and heat damage-related equipment failure. 

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Optimized to Maximize Profits and Productivity 

Bit-RAM’s portable MezzoPod cryptocurrency mining container lets you quickly launch a mid-sized crypto mine while maximizing profits. The skyrocketing cost of electricity is no longer a threat to your bottom line with this mobile crypto mining container. 

You can easily transport your mining pod on a flatbed and take full advantage of the cheapest electricity rates in North America. Oil and gas fields in remote areas often offer the most affordable energy. Our rugged crypto mining containers withstand long-distance transportation and deliver optimal performance in all conditions. 

Like all Bit-RAM’s crypto mining rigs, the MezzoPod is designed for accelerated deployment. Each unit is highly engineered to boost performance, increase operational efficiency, and easy installation. We have reduced installation to a simple plug-and-play process devoid of complex configurations. Simply truck your pod to the site with the best energy rates, hook up to their power grid, connect to a reliable network, and start mining. 

Bit-RAM cryptocurrency mining contaniner

What makes BIT-RAM Crypto Mining Containers stand out from the rest?

crypto mining quick turnaround QUICK TURNAROUND TIMES
crypto mining remote access capabilities REMOTE ACCESS CAPABILITES
crypto mining ventilation system ENGINEERED VENTILATION SYSTEM

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With a capacity of 198 S19 miners, the Bit-RAM’s 20-foot MezzoPod is perfect for corporations with intermediate-sized mining operations. High-level engineering means the crypto rig maintains optimal mining temperature while running at full capacity. You can count on Bit-RAM’s reliable cryptocurrency miner hosting services to provide reliable network connections anywhere in North America. A Bit-RAM 20-Ft MezzoPod crypto mining container is the perfect choice if you wish to launch a profitable crypto mine from the onset. Our skilled engineering team offers the best turnaround time on the market. We’ll have your custom-built, fully-loaded crypto mining container ready in a few short weeks. At Bit-RAM, we are committed to helping you maximize your profits. Our best-in-class turnaround times are designed to accelerate your launch or expansion efforts while lowering your overheads.

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