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BIT-Ram MightyPOD

40 Foot Power Mining Container

Our 40ft MicroPOD Power Mining Container is a large mobile crypto mining container to power large-scale crypto mining operations. The custom-built rig is meticulously engineered to house almost 400 S19 miners running at full capacity. It's perfect for corporations seeking to launch large crypto mining operations and realize profits from the get-go.  Bit-RAM fashionably retrofits a 40-foot shipping container to help you create a highly productive, large-scale mining operation in small space. The MightyPOD sports a unique Bit-RAM signature look like all our mobile cryptocurrency mining containers. Six air system pods and eight detachable weather hoods in the front add to the pod's aesthetic appeal while powering its efficiency.

MightyPOD Power Mining Container Standard Specifications:

  • Power: 1350 kW
  • Accommodates up to 396 S19 miners
  • 3-Phase 240/415V AC Power supply system kitted with ETL Certified Components.
  • 24 Distribution Units (PDUs)
  • Six 600 amperes interior splitter troughs
  • Network cabling with required switches
  • Interior walls finished with cladding
  • Heavily insulated walls and roof
  • Six 25,000 cfm, perfectly tuned exhaust air system pods fitted with VFDs and temperature sensors
  • An intake filter rack outfitted with MERV 8 Filters
  • Two detachable weather hoods
  • LED lighting for required tasks
  • Exterior walls with heavy cladding
40ft mightypod crypto mining container40ft mightypod crypto mining pod exterior40ft mightypod crypto mining container exhaust side
power crypto mining container 40ft power cryptocurrency container Inside 40ft MicroPOD Inside mightypod crypto mining container inside Inside crypto mining pod
mightyPOD crypto mining container

Incredible Cooling Technology 

Bit-RAM draws on four decades of modular construction and HVAC experience to create a highly efficient, heavy duty mining rig. Despite housing almost 400 S19 miners, this supercooled crypto mining rig will never overheat or subject your equipment to heat damage.

The MightyPOD boasts a world-class cooling technology that keeps the GPU mining temperatures well below 70°C. The mining container never overheats even when the mine is operating at full capacity. The cooling system combines cooling fans, innovative weather hoods, multiple air system pods, and temperature sensors. The MightyPOD guarantees an extended lifespan for all your mining equipment.

The painted container walls are heavily insulated and fitted with cladding to create an effective heat barrier and prevent energy leaks. The MightyPOD delivers peak performance across all four seasons.

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Lower Production Costs & Higher Profit

The MightyPOD is a cryptocurrency mining marvel crafted to help large miners maximize productivity while lowering the overhead costs and minimizing equipment failure.

These pods are mobile and easy to transport on a flatbed to any location offering cheap energy across North America. Superior craftsmanship and cooling technology let you maximize each miner's output without the risk of overheating and associated equipment failure.

Bit-RAM 40ft cryptocurrency mining container

What makes BIT-RAM Crypto Mining Containers stand out from the rest?


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Bit-RAM's 40-ft MightyPOD is perfect for powering large-sized mining operations with more than 300 miners. The meticulously engineered pods let you scale your mining operations without loss of performance and productivity. Our plug-and-play setup lets you expand your mining operation quickly and efficiently. Our reliable cryptocurrency miner hosting services are accessible from any region across North America. The MightyPOD is the epitome of Bit-RAM's commitment to helping clients run scalable and profitable crypto mining operations. The top-notch electrical fit-out on this impressive rig reduces installation to a simple plug-and-play operation. You only need to plug into a reliable power source, connect to a network, and your crypto mining operation if off to a running start. No more lengthy waits for an expert to configure and set up your crypto rig after each relocation.

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