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What is a Cryptocurrency Mining Shipping Container and how is it used?

What is a Crypto Mining Shipping Container and how is it used?

A Crypto Mining Shipping Container is a data center retrofitted to support multiple crypto mining rigs.

Crypto mining containers include the required components for crypto mining such as fans and cooling systems that keep the machines running without overheating. Because Crypto Mining Rigs run on a constant basis, they produce large amounts of heat and can cause issues and impact mining operations due to equipment failure.

Cryptocurrency Mining shipping containers have high voltage transformers that are are wired to the inside mining rigs in the case of power outages or surges. Outages can stop mining operations while power surges may damage mining rigs. A stable internet connection is required to ensure that the crypto mining container continues producing without sequential issue.

An industrial grade generator is often what produces the electricity to run a shipping container mining rig outfit.

Why is a Crypto Mining Shipping Container beneficial?


If there is power available and even better, if electricity is well priced in the area, a mobile shipping container can be deployed almost anywhere.

Cost Efficiency of Mobile

Traditional crypto mining setups tie the miners to a local utility grid, but by utilizing a mobile crypto shipping container you can access a decentralized energy grid that runs off wellhead gas, etc.

One-Stop Solution

The shipping container mining rig contains complete basic equipment such as heat dissipation and power supply and only requires one power cable on site to operate.

Environmental Adaptability

A crypto mining shipping container is adaptable to various climates and environments and is suitable for high and ow temperatures.

In the market for a Crypto Mining Shipping Container?

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The BIT-Ram Bitcoin Mining Shipping Container design has been carefully considered with a minimalistic aesthetic appeal that includes polished white finished cladding, Bright LED task lighting, balanced exhaust air system pods with VFDs and temperature sensors. Also included in the Bitcoin Mining Container for sale are MERV 8 intake filter rack filters, intake and exhaust air weather hoods, man doors with locks and checkerboard flooring. The exterior is polished with cladding and a durable white painted finish.

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