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The Benefits of Plug-and-Play Crypto Mining Containers

The Benefits of Plug-and-Play Crypto Mining Containers

Cryptocurrency mining is a very profitable initiative. It requires a significant investment in ASICs and other mining equipment. To maximize profits, miners must ensure their rigs remain operational and efficient. Bit-RAM’s plug-and-play crypto mining containers are the perfect solution for miners looking to increase their profits without breaking the bank. Get in touch with us today to learn more!

What Are Crypto Mining Containers?

Crypto mining containers are custom-built, portable mining rigs. They allow miners to launch mining activities in a fast and efficient manner. These mining containers usually comprise a retrofitted 20-foot container. The container includes:

  • Power distribution units (PDUs)
  • Three-phase supply of either 240- or 415-Volts AC
  • Interior Splitter Troughs with 3600 Amperes
  • A rack outfitted with efficient MERV 8 intake filters
  • Network cabling
  • Weather hoods
  • LED lighting
  • Exhaust air systems and insulated walls.

For example, our 20-foot MezzoPod container can hold up to 198 S19 miners. It also has superior cooling capabilities. This is thanks to its innovative exhaust and intake systems.

What Plug-and-Play Crypto Mining Containers Have to Offer

Plug-and-play crypto mining containers offer a range of advantages to miners, including:

Cost-Effective Solutions

Crypto mining containers help miners maximize profits and save on overhead costs. Our containers offer a 675-kW power supply, 12 PDUs, and 3 600 amperes interior splitter troughs. All these features help to keep costs down.

Furthermore, miners can transport their mining containers on a flatbed. This can help them take advantage of the cheapest energy rates in North America.

Optimized Performance

Each container is pre-configured with hardware and software for mining operations. Miners can maximize their profits as the hardware can handle the task.

Our crypto mining containers boast superior cooling capabilities. This helps combat overheating and prevent costly equipment failure. The MezzoPod container, for example, features:

  • 4 detachable weather hoods
  • Exhaust air system with an intake filter rack and
  • Three 25,000 cfm pods.

This ensures the container maintains optimal mining temperature while running at full capacity.

Rapid Deployment

Crypto mining containers are good at accelerated deployment. All the necessary components are pre-installed. This reduces installation time to a simple plug-and-play process. Furthermore, these mining containers can withstand long-distance transportation. Thus, miners can launch their operations anywhere in the USA and Canada.

Environmental Adaptability

Our mining containers can meet the demands of any environment. The superior cooling system on the MezzoPod container helps miners operate in extreme temperatures. Furthermore, the container has heavy insulation walls, cladding, and LED lighting.


Blockchain, ASIC, Ethereum, Bitcoin, and Fiat Currency mining containers are also scalable. Miners can add modules to their existing setup. This increases their mining power or adds new features to their operations.

This scalability allows miners to maximize their profits as the crypto market fluctuates. This ensures they’re always prepared for market changes.


We designed our containers with security in mind. The containers’ plug-and-play nature ensures miners can secure their setup fast and easy. Furthermore, the containers are tamper-proof, protecting miners from malicious actors.

Our containers are also clad insulated. This creates a thermal barrier to protect the equipment from heat damage. Additionally, the containers feature:

  • Power Distribution Units
  • 3 600 amperes interior splitter troughs
  • An exhaust air system fitted with VDF and temperature sensors

All these features contribute to the security of the mining container.

Invest in a Plug-and-Play Crypto Mining Container

The benefits of plug-and-play crypto mining containers are many. They offer cost-effective solutions, optimized performance, rapid deployment, environmental adaptability, scalability, and security. Are you looking for a reliable, cost-effective solution to maximize your profits? Look no further than Bit-RAM’s cryptocurrency mining containers.

We have optimized our containers for productivity and profitability. Miners can launch their operations anywhere in Canada or the USA. Call us today and invest in a plug-and-play crypto mining container.

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