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Is Crypto Mining Profitable in Canada?

9.55% That’s how much of the world’s Bitcoin was mined in Canada in August, up from 1.87 per cent the same month last year, according to new data from Cambridge University.

Once in eighth place, Canada has now moved up to the fourth most desirable places to mine bitcoin.

Bitcoin is becoming understood as an investment in a prospective future. Understanding crypto technology, blockchain, smart contracts and preparing ourselves for when the crypto economy takes off in a way, is pertinent in creating jobs and you’ll want to ensure you’re a leading player.

So, What is Canada Crypto Mining anyway?

Cryptocurrency and Crypto mining Canada is a process by which digital currency transactions are recorded, verified and stored in a public ledger called the blockchain. This process is carried out by miners, who use powerful computers to navigate cryptographic problems to select transaction blocks. The transaction fees associated with using cryptocurrencies are awarded to the miners.

Canada has long benefited from cheaper electricity and with BIT-Rams improved mining equipment efficiency, miners are seeing reduced energy costs. With our Crypto Mining Canada Containers, miners are able to produce more Bitcoin with the same amount of energy consumed.

With the recent Cryptocurrency boom its become a global rush to source the cheapest sources energy which in turn makes for ideal locations cropping up in Canadian Communities. Alberta is one such community due to their power prices being some of the cheapest around. Even larger oil and gas companies are now announced expansion plans to launch a their own crypto mining division utilizing the energy from their and gas operations.

We are seeing more and more businesses jumping on the Canada Crypto mining bandwagon, and now is the time as the power demands are expected to keep climbing in an industry that did not even exist a decade ago.

The BIT-Ram Bitcoin Mining Shipping Container design has been carefully considered with a minimalistic aesthetic appeal that includes polished white finished cladding, Bright LED task lighting, balanced exhaust air system pods with VFDs and temperature sensors. Also included in the Bitcoin Mining Container for sale are MERV 8 intake filter rack filters, intake and exhaust air weather hoods, man doors with locks and checkerboard flooring. The exterior is polished with cladding and a durable white painted finish.

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