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Why use BIT-Ram Shipping Containers for your Mining Farm?

A shipping container mining farm consists of computer data centres that host machines that mine different cryptocurrencies. The machines are used to generate revenue by finding blocks for cryptocurrencies. Mining farms are specially designed facilities that run uninterrupted mining operations 24/7.

Bit-Ram offers scalable and efficient mobile cryptocurrency full plug and play shipping containers outfitted with computers and cooling mechanisms ensuring a more efficient and cost effective way to mine cryptocurrency. By using more than one system you can multiply your mining power resulting in more profit. Typically large scale crypto mining operations, otherwise known as a Crypto Mining Farms, consist of above 10 rigs which enables you to take advantage of non-linear performance increases which are only accessible with a large number of rigs.

With a higher number of rigs, you can use a wider variety of mining strategies all at once, which historically yields substantially higher returns.

Our containers have calculated airflow for operation in hot and cool environments and are backed by a state of the art software system with very high uptime performance levels.

Bit-Ram’s Bitcoin Mining Shipping containers come meticulously constructed and can be customized specifically to clients’ needs and are created with ease of transport in mind and we are proud to offer the fastest turnaround times in the industry.

Our carefully considered manufacturing process that’s based on over 40 years of modular construction and HVAC experience provides our clients with the quality and flexibility required for profitable and productive mining operations.

Are you considering starting a shipping container mining farm or are looking to expand? Give us a call today to discover the Bit-Ram difference.

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